Monday, 24 May 2010

I guess im pretending..
Pretending this isn't hurting as much as it really is..

If something upsets me other than you not being here, i sort of shut down, go all silent& just think about you for a while. It hurts, but in a way thinking of you is the one other thing that keeps me from being a complete mess.

EllenHonybun understandss.
Out of all the people  would have excpected shes the one that gets the way i feel.
Whether thats because she has someone that means something to her like you do to me, i don't know. It helps though. Its not like we talk about it, but when im around her, im not bothered whether she thinks im being a miserabble bitch, because i know,
 she understands.

In art todayy,  MissSmith called your name. My body kind of went numb, 'Oh, he's not here' half the class galnced at me whilst i sat there feeling nothing except how much i wanted you to be here, here right now.

Tommorow we i have geography, normally i look foward to it, mainly because your in the plaza too. Now, your not going to be there& im not going to feel like talking to my friends..So i can see it sucking, just like every else right noww.

From now on, your Lynx comes everywhere whith me.

RobLaurence took the mickey out of us today. I've never wanted to shout at him so muchh.
Right now? He's talking to me on msn. I dont want to know about your freakin' duck!

Past few days i haven't been bothered what i look like, whether i seem grumpy or quiet. I just want you home. I just sit there quietly, waiting.

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