Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The post before this? Was absolute bullcrap -_-

My day started alright, but as soon as form began, it rapidly went downhill..
Danielle Cloude. Ex-Bestfriend had it in for me by the looks of thingss..
She came in wearing the same top as me. Yeh, i could have coped with that.
Just when i complained& said that 'someone having the same outfit as me is my worst nightmare' she took it as an insult& decided to try& turn half of year nine on me. You sucseeded -_-
I tried to apologise *for doing nothing* but no, still, everyone decided it was my fault& i apparently copyed you and purposley wore the same as you. What kind of sad person does that?
I never knew.. &you know that.
Don't make this seem like a big deal. Its pathetic. Your pathetic -_-

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