Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Well today was absolutely shitty, i missed you so much, &I've been bored outta' my head!

Well, maybe today was worse because i've been stuck indoors all day.. i got asked to go swimming with Beth&Louise, any other day& i would have been up for it, just i could see myself being silent.. so i decided not to go. Blegh.

Tommorow will be better, im going to the beach, with my cousin, mum&dad. PHOTOSPHOTOSPHOTOS! *Squeal*

Woah, i need help, im really addicted to taking photos :/ I've taken at least 10 each day for two weeks. *cringe*
&i've become obbsessed with this whole *put exressions o feelings between a pair of stars* sad sad person *shakes head in shame* THERE I GO AGAIN! Geeees!

Hmm, Lucie's Dad isn't fussed about her going camping, *puts hands together* now we just gotta' hope Tracy lets her.

Mahhhhn, it would be amazing if we wentt.... EEEEEK!

Friday:') S'your birthdayy, nawh, ickle Liams growing up! ;L &I get to see youu! *grin*

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