Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I hate you for this. You knew from the start i was a mess, from the first moment you spoke to me. my blog screamed "broken" so why did you decide to pick me to play your games with?
Im so confused! Like, i have no idea what to do about this?
Part of me tells me you know, and that you are the heartless shit everyone said you would turn out to be.
But when i came over that sunday, and i said that i was worried, i said that people had told me bad things about you. you were genuinley concerned?
I really don't understand.
I want you to know everything i write is about you, but, im also so afraid i'll loose you? then again, i guess its not much to loose? afterall we havent spoken properly in days.
I just wish i could know whether im completley waisting my time with you?
tell me im not, oh tell me im not.
I really dont know how i'd cope with loosing you.
I didnt want to feel this way.
i told myself that i wouldnt like anyone for months, because i was such a mess.
then BAM.
uh, fml.
i just wish you'd let me know. or realise it was all about you.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Im laughing at the facebook group i just liked "FUCKING TEXT BACK THEN YOU DICK"
The amount that this relates to my current situation is incredible.